Cell Room Team was established as a part of a First Team Project to investigate the role of Elongator complex in human cells. We work mainly on HEK293 cells that are our source of human tRNAs and human proteins involved in tRNA modification process. Our main techniques are transfection and lentiviral transduction to modulate levels of proteins of interest; WB, RT-PCR, fluorescent confocal microscopy to verify protein levels and their localisation. Apart from basic phenotype tests (cell viability, cell proliferation), we have also implemented HPLC analysis and specific tests to quantify levels of modified tRNA isoacceptors and multiple functional tests to monitor consequences of loss of Elongator and/or its cofactors function (response to oxidative stress, protein aggregation, migration). Finally, we are interested in interactions between human proteins involved in tRNA modification process (CoIP, BioID2 on wild type or mutant proteins overexpressed in cells).