Małgorzata Dąbrowska

In 2017 I graduated at the Jagiellonian University as a Master of Neuroscience.

In my Master thesis I researched the functional impact of a KCNQ1 channel mutation associated with the Brugada Syndrome using  an electrophysiological technique (patch clamp). Experiments were conducted in the Laboratory for Molecular Biophysics in the University of Antwerp in accordance with the Laboratory of Physiology of the Institute of Pharmacology in Cracow.

Currently I’m engaged as a lab technician at MCB. In a cooperation with Dr Marta Pabiś I’m working on project related to RECQL4 and BLM from grant “Harmonia” in collaboration with Nencki Institute in Warsaw.

I have a deep passion for neuroscience, and especially when I can be part of the research for any neurodegenerative diseases.

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