Mikołaj Sokołowski



I have started my adventure with protein sciences during my masters at the Utrecht University in the Netherlands. I’ve worked in the group of  Dr. Lukas Kapitein to generate small molecules, known as nanobodies, which could be used to fluorescently mark cytoskeleton inside the cell, and visualize it at a very high resolution. While my research group focused on shining light at the inner workings of the individual cell, I have found myself more interested in the methods used to make these tiny nanobodies. With this in mind, I have now returned to my hometown of Krakow to work in the structural biology group of Dr. Sebastian Glatt. I am working on enzymes that attach certain chemical groups, only a handful of atoms in size, to very specific positions of tRNAs, essential construction components in the protein-making machinery. By trying to understand at a near-atomic level how these enzymes are able to perform their job, we hope to answer bigger questions related to many human disorders and diseases.



Address:   Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology, Gronostajowa st. 7a, 30-387 Krakow, Poland

Room:       MCB  2/14

Phone:      +48 12 664 63 22