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On 12th to 14th of November, our group members co-organized and participated in Postgraduate School of Molecular Medicine – Autumn School in Krakow. The topic of the conference for Ph.D. students was “High throughput genomic, transcriptomic and structural biology technologies in biomedicine”. The conference took place in SOLARIS National Synchrotron Radiation Centre and Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology. Among very prestigious guest speakers were Dr. Marcin Nowotny, Dr. Florian Schur, Dr. Björn Högberg and Prof. Alicja Józkowicz. Dr. Sebastian Glatt was an invited speaker on this conference and gave a highly regarded talk about the tRNA modifications that protect the proteome. Our group members were heavily involved in leading a practical workshop on the last day of the conference. During the workshop, we analyzed the atomic model of the oncogenic GTPase Ras and the electron density map on which this model is based. We introduced the Ph.D. students to a computer software called COOT which allows looking at the atomic model and maps of the protein of interest. Many participants found the workshop to be extremely useful and got really excited about structural biology! The conference was organized in cooperation with the Postgraduate School of Molecular Medicine based in Warsaw.

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