Rahul Mehta

rahul mehta


RNAs have been implicated at almost all functional levels in the cells in diverse roles however, there is a big gap in a well-established structure function relation for RNAs as compared to protein biology. My current work is an attempt to help establishing the same with structural data. Here, in MPRG I am pursuing my doctoral study under Dr. Sebastian Glatt’s supervision and my current work is focused on the structural studies of multiple, folded RNAs using cryoEM, which will not only help us understand RNAs at individual levels, but rather build a foundational understanding of RNA function through structure. Structural biology has been and continues to be a major breakthrough leading to precise and meaningful atomic insights into the realm of biological sciences and the same has been very close to my heart, inspiring me through this journey.



Address:   Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology, Gronostajowa st. 7a, 30-387 Krakow, Poland