Several of our team members proudly presented their work on the 24th Annual Meeting of RNA Society in Krakow

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The annual RNA meeting is quite a magnificent meeting for the RNA people to gather around and discuss their findings. This great meeting had over 1000 participant this year and took place at the congress ICE center near the city center. Organizers invited prof. Thomas Cech, the Nobel prize winner in Chemistry in 1989, to give the keynote lecture. The RNA meeting focuses mostly on RNA splicing mechanism. This year our group leader, dr. Sebastian Glatt, have worked together with another group leader in University Bern, dr. Sebastian Leidel, to set up the very first tRNA workshop in this RNA meeting. “I feel like I’ve finally received the residency by having the honor to present at the tRNA workshop during the RNA meeting” said Prof. Tsutomu Suzuki from University Tokyo who has a tremendous contribution to the tRNA modifications research field. We are happy to present our recent achievements and share it with scientists everywhere from the world.

Four members of our group have an opportunity to present their results at the meeting. Two brilliant PhD students, Anna Salerno-Kochan and Rościsław Krutyhołowa, showed their results during poster sessions. Dr. Ting-Yu Lin had an oral presentation in “the tRNA and beyond translation workshop” to present her latest work on the archaeal MinElp3 catalytic mechanism. Last but not least, our fantastic group leader – dr Sebastian Glatt was the only locally invited keynote speaker and he presented the overview of the structure and function of elongator complex.
See a couple of snapshots from the conference.

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