Team building trip 2023: Iwkowa, Bacówka Biały Jeleń

Who does not like to retreat to a remote area to recharge and rest from the city noise and rush…? Glatt Lab likes this idea, especially if we go all together! To continue our tradition of bonding outside of work, we went for a lab retreat to Iwkowa, a small village near Rożnowski Lake. This marvelous place with an animal farm outside and lovely décor inside was a perfect spot to rest, tighten friendships, and to exchange scientific experience by presenting and discussing our latest results. We engaged in a “project twister” session, where the challenge was presenting the results of other lab members. Everyone succeeded in this demanding task, but the greatest ovations were received by Priyanka who drew Łukasz’s presentation. Not to mention a teasy reference to Alex’s work on one of the slides which made half of the audience cry from laughter… 😉

After these intense scientific sessions, we chilled out during dinner and team bonding activities. Divided into three teams, we rode a wooden broom/horse, tried catching a cow with a lasso, aimed at targets with different objects, and searched for keys lost under the leaves, while cooperating in every task. Our favorite hurdle was balancing a water-filled jar placed on our heads and carrying it across the field without using our hands!

In the evening we enjoyed a delicious feast followed by card and board games. We played Rummikub and Ubongo 3D and we were infected by a deadly “Virus”. Agnieszka and Marta revealed themselves as bionic organs lovers and Igor was really keen to quarantine ;)

We spent a marvelous three days with great people, amongst beautiful surroundings, getting new insights into each other projects, eating delicious food, and getting to know each other better. We are all looking forward to the next team-building event!

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