Weronika Łukaszczyk

In 2020 I started my BSc in medicinal chemistry offered by the Faculty of Chemistry of Jagiellonian University, which is an ideal degree for someone like me, who is fascinated with both chemistry and biology. After obtaining my BSc I now continue this degree in graduate studies. During various courses revolving around drug development I found that to me the most fascinating part of the process is the very first stage – target identification and validation. This is why in April 2023 I joined the Hypusination Team, which is the perfect place to develop hands-on experience in structural biology, especially protein crystallography. During research for my master’s thesis I plan to gain knowledge and skills necessary to work in discovery of potential drug targets. I already had the opportunity to take part in a project which combined basic research and target discovery during my internship at Molecular Targets and Therapeutics Center in Helmholtz Munich in Summer 2023. My stay there only reassured me that structural biology is a field for me.

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