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Research in the Glatt lab combines structural biology (x-ray crystallography and electron microscopy), molecular biology, protein biochemistry, biophysics, and cell biology to understand specific regulatory mechanisms of protein synthesis.

crystals under microscope


We use X-ray crystallography to study how proteins interact with other molecules (i.e. tRNA) and gain detailed knowledge about macromolecular assemblies and their role in post-transcriptional regulation.

tRNA modification

We are interested in the Elongator complex-mediated cm5 modification on the uridine 34 at wobble position of tRNA anticodon loop.


Electron microscopy

Topological models of the Elp123-subcomplex and the Elongator complex obtained by combining the available crystal structures and homology models with EM and XL-MS data.

Cell culture

We work mainly on HEK293 cells that are our source of human tRNAs and human proteins involved in tRNA modification process. Our main techniques are transfection and lentiviral transduction to modulate levels of proteins of interest.

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