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We have the pleasure to introduce you to our new Team Member – Kamil Przytulski, who joined us as a PhD student within the Implementation PhD programme in collaboration with a biopharmaceutical company from Wrocław, Captor Therapeutics and Structural Biology Core Facility

The aim of this programme is to establish proper conditions for building a stronger relationship between scientific community and the socio-economic environment in our country. This will simplify the commercialization of scientific research and help train well-skilled employees like Kamil, who do not want to give up their career while pursuing a scientific degree. In his work, he will focus on structural characterization of Targeted Protein Degradation systems in order to optimize the chemotype of potential ligands. We decided to ask him some questions to let us know him a little better.

How did your adventure with science started?

From the very beginning I was interested in protein chemistry and drug development. This is the reason why I decided to begin my scientific journey in the Department of Protein Engineering at the University of Wroclaw. During my master’s degree, I was developing protein-based therapeutics. My department focused on developing highly cytotoxic drug conjugates to treat cancers overexpressing FGF receptors.

What did you do after finishing your Master’s degree?

The next step of my scientific journey was the University of Groningen and Laboratory of Endothelial Biomedicine and Vascular Drug Targeting. I participated in the project developing targeted liposome-based vehicles mediating in delivery of molecular drugs such as siRNAs which offer high molecular specificity and potent gene silencing of disease-associated genes.

Why did you choose our Implementation PhD programme?

I joined Captor Therapeutics in August 2017 and instantly found myself totally involved in currently running research projects. After 3+ years in the company, it is time to move a step ahead and develop in structural biology techniques, which could bring invaluable insight during drug candidates chemotypes optimization. Moreover, studying crystallography and Cryo-EM in such a notable team of experts creates the possibility of becoming one of them.

We are happy to have Kamil with us!

Kamil Przytulski
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