Agnieszka Broniec

At the turn of XXth and XXIth century I studied Biotechnology at Jagiellonian University in Kraków which was my first introduction to scientific word. I decided to continue my education during PhD studies at Biophysics Department of the same faculty. At that time I started my research in the field of lipid peroxidation in model membranes. Developing the project about plasmalogens derivatives I got a chance to work in organic synthesis laboratory at Orleans University, France. Than I got a short-term Marie Curie Fellowship enebling me to work at Biomedicine Faculty of Bergen University, Norway, where I got knowledge about lipid monolayers measurements. In my research I used mostly biophysical methods such as singlet oxygen phosphorescence detection, absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy, EPR oximetry, EPR spin trapping, HPLC and other chromatographies. As a postdoc I also had possibility to work in different field of science beginning with the characterisation of lipid phase behaviour upon high pressure condition. This research was financed by JSPS fellowship at Tokushima Univesrity in Japan. I was also involved in project focused on conjugation of quantum dots with proteins in the group of Optics of Hybrid Nanostructures at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun. Afterwards I eventually return back closer to biotechnology. I worked in EPR JCET laboratory in Kraków establishing a protocols to detect nitric oxide and HbNO in blood samples as well as in animal aorta. Last 3 years I participated as a postdoc in Maestro project in Molecular Biophysics Department at Jagiellonian University where I go the chance to combine my experience in lipid biochemistry with protein science. I studied different kinds of proteoliposomes trying to choose the best condition to preserve bc1 (mitochondrial complex III) enzymatic activity.

Now I am enthusiastic joining Max Planck Research Group at MCB in Kraków in January 2022. This will be a totally new RNA world for me but hopefuly I can become a helpful team member in new project.

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