Award from Children’s University for the best workshop for the Max Planck Research Group

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5 members of Max Planck Research Group got awarded with Best Workshop Prize from the Children’s University ( edition 2017/2018. Dr. Monika Gaik, Anna Kościelniak, Anna Salerno-Kochan, Mikołaj Sokołowski, and Karol Zakrzewski prepared a workshop titled: “How to invent a new drug?” which helped children in a very creative way learn how the drugs are discovered nowadays. The workshop biggest goal was to encourage children to learn about protein structures, to discover the secrets of molecular biology and encourage children to experiment.

Children’s University Foundation exists already for more than 10 years. The Foundation collaborates with scientists from well known polish universities, academies, and other institutions and prepares free-of-charge classes for school children to inspire them and boost their intellectual creativity.

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