Daniel Zakaszewski

Take a youngster who’s fascinated by biology, and teach them physics and chemistry. That’s how you get a biochemist—yours truly.

I graduated from the FBBB JU with a master’s degree in biochemistry, specializing in physical biochemistry, bioanalysis, and biomolecular chemistry. My past research revolved around the electron transfer across the enzymes of photosynthetic electron transport chains (Dept. of Molecular Biophysics JU) and the structure of metalloenzymes (Theoretical and Experimental Biocatalysis Group PAS). Later, I joined Azuma Group (MCB JU) to investigate the architecture and applications of artificial protein shells. This was also the time when I made a pit stop to traverse the tortuous pathways of directed evolution of enzymes during an internship in Switzerland (ETH Zurich).

When it comes to proteins, particularly enzymes, count me in. That’s why I decided to delve even deeper, embrace a veritable structural biology vibe, and come aboard of the Hypusination Team. Our quest? To unravel the secrets of enzymes involved in probably the most unique post-translational modification.

Whenever not in the lab—catch me somewhere in mid-air defying gravity, doing aerial acro or pole sports. Besides, I’m a gaming and fantasy geek, as well as a language enthusiast, trying to master the intricacies of kanji.

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