Deubiquitylases and UBL-proteases: from fundamental principles to therapeutic opportunities 2023; 19-21 June, University of Edinburgh

We would like to share that Dominika Kwaśna actively participated in the esteemed conference held in Edinburgh, “Deubiquitylases and Ubiquitin-like-proteases: from fundamental principles to therapeutic opportunities”.

The focus of Dominika’s research is on a Ubiquitin-like protein so-call Urm1 which is known for its dual role as sulphur carrier protein (SCP) in tRNA thiolation and oxidant-induced posttranslational protein modification (PTM). Although different targets of urmylation have been reported, not a single enzyme that could reverse the modification has been identified, yet.

During the conference, Dominika presented her research through a poster entitled 'Strategies to identify possible „deurmylating” enzymes and to understand their biochemical mode of action and biological significance.’ The meeting was highly relevant to her work and provided her with the most updated information in the field. It was also an invaluable possibility to discuss her work with worldwide specialists, as well, as to initiate international collaborations.

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