Dr Piotr Wilk at the iNEXT Discovery workshop

The crystallographic fragment screening is a technique that allows for identification of small molecules which specifically bind to a target protein. This method can provide an excellent starting point for the rational, structure guided drug design. iNEXT Discovery is a European initiative to bring together and support structural biologist. One of the activities was a workshop on crystallographic fragment screening organized at the beginning of March 2023 at BESSY II synchrotron in Berlin.

Among many excellent talks delivered by experts in the field organizers foreseen also a session for the „user success stories” where one of the invited speakers was our post-doc Dr Piotr Wilk. He presented results of the recent fragment screening campaign performed on collaboration with the group from Max IV in Lund.

As users we highly support initiatives such as iNEXT Discovery and appreciate state-of-the-art MX beamlines such as ones at BESSY II and Max IV, where innovative projects can be conducted with great support.

Source: https://inext-discovery.eu/upload/bEdX7mQsXohXbXSK4LRdAMRvdVerDEu3.png
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