Great science in a beautiful surrounding: 58th Erice School of Crystallography, Italy.

The beginning of June our PhD student Ela Wątor spent at the 58th Erice School of Crystallography. Topic of this year school was „Structural Drug Design: Biology, Chemistry and Computers” and it covered different aspects of structure-based drug design from an overview of the current structural and biophysical techniques used in the field, the use of informatic tools in drug discovery to the evolving role of chemistry in drug design and biology understanding. Additionally, important parts of the course were presentation of the real case-studies and hands-on workshops and tutorials.  An important part of the conference were also poster sessions located in the unique scenery of the historic architecture of the town of Erice. During the poster session Ela presented her poster entitled „Halfway to hypusine. Molecular basis of (deoxy)hypusination”. Her results attracted considerable interest from other conference participants. 

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