Jarosław Mazur defends his Master Thesis!

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One of our Master Students – Jarosław Mazur – defended his Master Thesis last week at the Faculty of Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Biotechnology. His Master Thesis titled: “Functional characteristics of casein kinase Hrr25 in the regulation of the Elongator complex” has been awarded a distinction. 

During his studies, Jarosław was working along Rościsław Krutyhołowa. Jarek tells about his work: “The goal of my master’s thesis is to propose a mechanism of Hrr25 interaction with Elp1 and dissect biochemical consequences of this interaction. We would like to reconstitute Elp1-Hrr25 interaction in vitro using purified proteins and map Hrr25 interaction sites on Elp1 protein. We aim to determine which domain of Elp1 is phosphorylated. Additionally, with the help of point mutants, we strive to understand the role of autophosphorylation of Hrr25 in its autoregulation and interaction with Elp1.”

Jarek is now doing a one-year internship (VII 2019- VI 2020) at the University of Chicago as a part of the BioLab Program (Visiting Research Graduate Internship Program) managed by the Polish-U.S Fulbright Commission.

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