Kamil Przytulski

kamil przytulski

I studied biotechnology at the University of Wroclaw graduating with a MSc degree in 2017. Both master and bachelor studies were conducted in Protein Engineering and Biotechnology Group and were devoted to development of highly cytotoxic drug conjugates to treat cancers overexpressing FGF receptors. During studies made an internship in Pure Biologics and participated in research project in the Endothelial Biomedicine Vascular Drug Targeting Group at UMCG in the Netherlands. Studies only awaken my curiosity in the field of drug discovery and found about technology which could target so called “undruggable proteome” to treat severe diseases. Willing to find out more about Targeted Protein Degradation (TPD) technology in 2017 I applied for a position in newly formed company – Captor Therapeutics. In the structural biology team of Dr. Sebastian Glatt, I am focusing on structural characterization of TPD systems in order to optimize chemotype of potential ligands. In love with mountains and skiing.