Keerthiraju Ethiraju Ravichandran

A spiritual through meditation person, a wanderer and northern lights hunter. Food-lover who enjoy making Indian sweets and spicy foods. A die hard Manchester United fan, movie freak, purveyor of scientific and historical facts, & Researcher. I live in adage “Work hard-party harder”, a Jedi in lab and a gamer after-hours. A keen babysitter.
I hold a Bachelors of Technology in Chemical Engineering from Anna University, India and a Master of Research in Biosciences (Sustainable Bioenergy) from The University of Nottingham, UK.

Research Project

I work on the project entitled “tRNA Modifications in Human Diseases-The structural and functional consequences of Urmylation on Ahp1 and the Elongator complex in response to Oxidative stress”. The prime aim of the project is to study the structural and functional consequences of urmylation on Ahp1 and the Elongator complex during oxidative stress response. The decisive aim is to crystallize urmylated- Ahp1/Elp/Ncs2/Ncs6 and/or urmylated-Ncs2-Ncs6, in case urmylation permits Ncs2/Ncs6 heterodimerization. I also hope to understand the nature of these ancient post-translational amendments, that stand at the interface amid prokaryotic sulfur relay systems and the eukaryotic ubiquitination pathway. Therefore, I aim to establish and optimize urmylation in vitro, recapitulate the regulatory networks under stress conditions and identify components that confer substrate specificity. The anticipated outcomes of this research work would afford profound molecular perceptions in to how urmylation auto-regulates Ahp1, Elongator, Uba4/Urm1-pathways and respective stress signaling pathways under oxidative stress conditions.

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