Łukasz Koziej

Łukasz is a biochemist who is eager to unravel how large molecular complexes assemble and regulate their dynamic structures to perform biological functions. London was his home for the majority of his scientific life. Łukasz obtained his BSc biochemistry degree at University College London in 2015. After graduation, he started his PhD study in Imperial College London where under the supervision of Prof. Stephen Curry and Dr. Huw Williams he investigated the role of hibernating ribosomes in M. tuberculosis during latent infection. He completed the doctoral training at the end of 2019 and subsequently moved to Poland to join the Azuma group as one of the startup members. He used cryoEM to study nanometric protein cages. In 2022 he moved to the Glatt lab to investigate translating ribosomes. Łukasz loves science, pizza, squash, and badminton.

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