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Rościsław Krutyhołowa, one of our PhD students,  has been awarded prestigious and one of the oldest scholarships from The Foundation For Polish Science – START.

The scholarship is granted to young and ambitious scientists in recognition of their past achievements and to support their further scientific development. The annual scholarship of 28 000 PLN can be used for any purpose by the winner. In total 845 applications have been submitted this year, and only 100 young scientists have been selected for the scholarship.

We asked Rostek about his work:

“My main scientific interest is a tRNA modification process. Thanks to tRNA modifications cells are able to produce properly folded proteins. At the moment I am using cryo-electron microscopy to solve the structure of Elongator complex bound to its regulatory subunits.”

Congratulations to Rostek and keep up the good work!

fot. Elżbieta Wątor
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