tRNA review as a JBC Paper in Press

Our latest review summarizing the most recent developments in tRNA cryoEM structures is available online. The publication entitled “The diverse structural modes of tRNA binding and recognition” was published in Journal of Biological Chemistry as a part of special thematic series on recent advances in tRNA biology.

In this review, we briefly describe the general structure and shape of tRNAs, with a focus on individual regions. Then we elaborate on RNA modifications and their influence on the folding/stability of tRNAs. In the most structure-rich parts of the review we discuss 16 published structures of tRNAs in complex with proteins and describe how the structure of tRNA is recognized and modified upon the binding. Finally, we discuss unexpected appearance, function and locations of tRNAs, where we present viral RNAs mimicking tRNAs, armless tRNAs or tRNA halves.

If you need to organize your knowledge on tRNAs and enrich it with the latest structural news in the field: this is a perfect paper for you! Enjoy reading!

tRNA modification enzymes bind and recognize tRNAs using diverse strategies
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