Igor Kaczmarczyk awarded a distinction in “Gold Medal in Chemistry” 2019

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A member of our laboratory, Igor Kaczmarczyk, has been awarded in the Gold Medal in Chemistry 2019 competition organized by the Institute of Physical Chemistry of Polish Academy of Sciences and the DuPont company. Igor has been awarded with distinction for the diploma thesis – Reconstitution of the Elongator complex in insect cells using the biGBac system.

Igor says about his project:

The aim of my bachelor thesis was to prepare the construct containing all six, full-length mammalian elongator proteins genes and then use the Baculovirus Expression Vector System to express the reconstituted Elongator complex. The main cloning method I have been using was biGBac system. The project focused also on preparing a few full-length expression constructs with clinically significant mutations. Multi-protein complex was purified using affinity chromatography followed by size exclusion chromatography. This approach enabled the expression of the first full-length mammalian Elongator subcomplex (Elp456) and successful purification for further biochemical and structural studies.

Congratulations Igor!

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